Nicky Woolf

Muse Editor (2007/08)

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This one is definitely going to be censored

__________, who I am not allowed to mention in this column has personally appointed himself to the ________________ at the enormous end-of-year campus event _____

If you’re naughty, the Hoff-alike will get you

Derwent Bar. 7:56 PM. A vast and inebriated crowd has gathered for the Mr. York. The contestants line up along the side of the bar for the first round, General Purpose Manliness

An Actual Phone Conversation: Fact

“The bill for the cleaning will be a million pounds” says an admittedly tipsy YUSU Socs’n’Coms Officer Rory Shanks, surveying Lancaster’s sleeping quarters

In the playpen of campus politics

They (them what discover things) have discovered a species of jellyfish that is effectively immortal

Live Hustings – Wednesday

Nicky Woolf and Sian Turner are back bringing you the latest news from the second day of Hustings, with speechs and questions from Women’s Officer, LGBT Officer, Disability Officer, Student Action, RAG, Academic Affairs, Welfare and President

Live Hustings – Tuesday

Nouse‘s Sian Turner and Nicky Woolf take you though hustings for NUS Annual Conference Delegates, Chair of Union Council, Entertainments officer, Environment & Ethics Officer, Campaigns Officer, Sports President, Student Activities and Democracy and Services

Moment of Zen


Strictly what now?

Tripping over the shoelaces of satire while attempting to dance the foxtrot of current affairs

YUSU Bar Special

It was high noon. The town of Langwith, Texas sweltered in the January sun. Only the clutch of saddled geese outside the Courtyard Saloon were moving in the destructive heat. They shifted restlessly. Perhaps they could sense what was coming

Last Word

They had been respectable townsfolk, once. YUSU Presidents and sabs. But power had changed them. Twisted them. Made them… evil

All hail Crackfish

Campus is covered in a fine white dust, it seems. Now that I think about it, that explains an awful lot. It explains why the queue for the Library ladies toilet is so long when I go past it

‘Soldiers around you, kicking, spitting, screaming, swearing’

Moazzam Begg spent two years of his life imprisoned without charge by the US military. He speaks to Nicky Woolf about life as a detainee of the war on terror