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Anger at lack of ‘dialogue’

STUDENTS UNION Services officer, Nat-Thwaites McGowan’s assertion that “dialogue” established with the University was the ultimate success of the “Save our Bars” campaign has been contradicted by several college JCRC chairs who have complained that the Commercial Services have refused to consult with them.

Micky Macefield, the Vanbrugh Chair, accused the SU of “leading everybody to believe that closures were negotiable.”

Abolition of Parliament Act censured

A controversial bill that some have claimed lays the foundations for fascism and Nazism was given its second reading in Parliament last month. The Legislative and Regulatory Reform Bill will give ministers power to amend or replace legislation without having to bring a Bill to Parliament.

The man behind this bill is Jim Murphy, Labour MP for East Renfrewshire, and a former president of the National Union of Students. Under his leadership, the NUS abandoned their opposition to the abolition of student grants in line with New Labour education policy

Student apathy stops recycling in colleges

CAMPUS RECYCLING has been brought to a halt in some colleges because of a lack of student volunteers

‘Please call home’: Parents plea for missing student

THE SEARCH FOR Kwok-Leung Yeung, 20, continues with police focusing on the York, Cambridge and London areas. Kwok-Leung was last seen by his family going to bed at 11pm on 8th October and was later identified on CCTV boarding a train at Aylesbury, his home town, towards London