Niall Whitehead

Gaming Editor (2015/16)
Comment Editor (2014/15)

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Game Review: Neko Atsume

Niall Whitehead jumps on a campus bandwagon – and it’s filled with cats

Anthem from a Doomed Youth

What’ve I been up to this week, huh? I’m glad you asked, imaginary construct! I tried reading Jane Austen, which…

Full Time Officers’ Debate: As it happened | YUSU Elections 2016

Join us for coverage of the big event as it happens, including updates, tweets and photos

Game Review: Bit Blaster XL

Niall Whitehead should never be allowed near a space programme

Students urged to volunteer in film starring David Tennant

Key scenes from the film are due to be shot on campus over the course of two days, 3-4 February

Student Cinema celebrates 50th with special screenings

York Student Cinema is one of the University’s oldest societies

Anthem from a Doomed Youth

What did you get for Christmas, kids? Well, if you were in York over the holidays, your answer was probably…

1 in 10 students using food banks to survive

13 per cent of students also admitted to stealing to make ends meet

NOUSE Games of the Year 2015

Time has officially passed! It’s a New Year, with new opportunities. And while others get settled into their resolutions (personally,…

Facebook Support Group created for students affected by flooding

Students are provided with updates, contact details and advice on how to cope with flood damage

TV Review: Doctor Who – Series 9 Christmas Special: ‘The Husbands of River Song’

This year’s Christmas special of Doctor Who is surprisingly much better than Niall Whitehead anticipated, it’s a Christmas miracle!

TV Review: Doctor Who – Series 9 Episode 12: ‘Hell Bent’

The series finale of Doctor Who sees the Doctor returning to his home planet with one goal in mind: reviving Clara. Niall Whitehead reviews