Naveen Morris

Gaming Editor (2015/16)

Naveen has written 13 articles for Nouse

Game Review: Virginia

Platform: PC, PS4, Xbox One Release Date: 22 September Developer: Variable State The game begins with a close-up shot of…

E3 2016: This is the one thing we didn’t think would happen

Before anyone says anything about E3, we have to nail down exactly what E3 is, and thus how to judge…

The Indie Purge

The Gaming team empties their inbox – with style

YIIK Interview: ’90s internet postmodernism

Andrew Allanson talks about his game YIIK, its comedy, setting and mix of inspirations

Top 5 games of EGX Rezzed 2016

Adam Koper and Naveen Morris give the reveal their favourite games from this year’s show

EGX Rezzed 2016: Leftfield Collection

The Leftfield Collection is a small room filled with the most experimental, weird, and often, wonderful, games of EGX Rezzed,…

The player’s the thing

Naveen Morris looks at the relationship between theatre and gaming

Review: Fahrenheit 451

DramaSoc’s atmospheric production of Farenheit 451 is not to be missed. Naveen Morris reviews

Game Review: That Dragon, Cancer

Naveen Morris reviews a moving story about a family fighting a terminal disease

NOUSE Games of the Year 2015

Time has officially passed! It’s a New Year, with new opportunities. And while others get settled into their resolutions (personally,…

System Shock 3 teased

Sequel to seminal ’90’s cyberpunk series revealed

Game Review: Mini Metro

Naveen Morris finds beauty in tube maps