Nathalie Taylor

Nathalie has written 7 articles for Nouse

Review: Hamlet

Nathalie Taylor takes a look at DramaSoc’s “solid” production of Hamlet

The great Garden Bridge debate

With the Garden Bridge now back on the agenda, Finn Judge and Nathalie Taylor examine the debate

The BRICS: South Africa – Has the Diamond Lost It’s Shine?

The South African economy is falling dramatically short of its predicted growth levels. With demand for its natural resources declining,…

The Black Horse Rears: Lloyds to Return to the Private Sector

The Government has announced that the remaining government-owned shares in Lloyds Banking Group, our business correspondent reports

Review: The Last Five Years

Nathalie Taylor finds The Last Five Years to be technically accomplished but lacking chemistry

York Union Review: The decriminalisation of prostitution would be a disaster

The York Union’s latest event, on the decriminalisation of prostitution, featured a decidedly diverse panel

How to Spend Your Student Loan Wisely

Gone from the warm embrace of home, suddenly it’s all on you (and Freshers’ Week is bloody expensive)