Nanki Chawla Nanki Chawla

Deputy Web Editor (2009/10)

Nanki has written 30 articles for Nouse

The Human Environment

Environmental rights are usually considered on a separate plane from mainstream human rights law. They don’t fit neatly into a single human rights category; global conversations relating the two fields now speak of the ‘greening’ of human rights law

Tell Me No Lies

Nanki Chawla looks at the contentious topic of the sex-offenders register, in the new Nouse human rights blog

Wukang Town and the Bamboo Mountains

On our second weekend in Hangzhou, we were taken on a trip by the Uni to the Bamboo Mountains, Wukang Town and Anji

Norman Rea Gallery’s Light Themed Summer Show

This year the Norman Rea Gallery will be launching their summer programme with an Academy Style Summer show opening Monday week 4, May 17th

Shanghai: tea scammers, skyscrapers and ballroom dancing!

On our first (and only free) weekend in Hangzhou, we made plans to go to Shanghai

The romance of the Song Dynasty

On our fourth night in Hangzhou, we went to what our teachers called a “theme park”, although there wasn’t a rollercoaster in sight

Mandarin, Tai-ji and Wushu

I seem to continually forget that the main purpose of coming to China, beyond learning about the culture and to be honest, just coming, was to learn some mandarin

Clowns and Conga Lines

Due to popular request or rather just the one, here’s a blog about Chinese clubbing

The Trivialities of Travelling

Ni Hâo! After more than a week of being on the Study China Programme, I’ve finally made it to my laptop in an attempt to scribble a quick post

Pagodas and Peking Duck?

When I initially imagined writing this blog about my trip to China, I thought about calling it “Land of the Rising Sun”, until I came to the realisation that that’s Japan

York breakthrough in anti-malaria reasearch

A team of scientists in the Centre for Novel Agricultural Products, led by Professor Dianna Bowles and Professor Ian Graham, have made a genetic breakthrough in accelerating anti-malaria development, funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation


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