Muzzy Foley

Muzzy has written 8 articles for Nouse

Muzzy Musings: The recordings archive

We’ve compiled all the recordings into one place – simply click the links below and enjoy poetic musings on a year at the UoY campus…

Muzzy’s Musings: Bubbles (Goodbye)

Muzzy comes in with his final musing, complete with an audio performance, mourning three years in a costly bubble…

Muzzy’s Musings: The Battle of York

If the best chemist of chem-soc, stirred the words of men-soc, with emotions and notions of fem-soc, the potent potion produced would surely blow through the roof…

Muzzy’s Musings: The Last Term

Job seeking and dissertation fleeing: Muzzy brings you another lyrical thought on life at York

Muzzy’s Musings: Cardboard City

This edition’s musings get to grips with the cold cardboard carcasses of Costcutter and flailing banners of YUSU campaigners

Muzzy’s Musings: The JB Morals

Muzzy takes on the weird and the wonderful, in a musing on the goings on in the JB Morell…

Muzzy’s Musings: Taxi Driver

This edition’s Musings took on that unique breed: York’s taxi drivers

Muzzy’s Musings: Two IDs

Muzzy offers his first Musings on that favourite of York institutions