Milda Sabunaite

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Tenancy law aims at protecting students

A NEW Tenancy Deposit Scheme, created to increase the protection of deposits taken by landlords, was put into practice on April 6. However, according to recent surveys, neither students nor landlords are sufficiently aware of the scheme and the ways to use it.
The Scheme is designed to protect deposits up to £25,000 and eliminate cases of landlords keeping the deposits on false property damage claims

Langwith bar to face closure and conversion into an ‘artistic space’

Langwith bar looks set to close after the college Provost admitted a lack of custom has left it a “dead space”. John Issitt, Langwith College Provost, has published a new report that contains plans to replace the bar with a coffee shop as part of a proposal to change Langwith College into an “artistic and educational socialising place

Late arrival of Ents Tech disrupts Club D

The ‘Club D’ event of February 24 was disrupted after Ents Tech showed up over an hour late to set up the stage. The ‘Club D Funked’ event was based around live music sets from visiting artists Joel Owen and Soul Cellars and campus band Make It Better Later, all of which were cut short

Ftr are cause of controversy once more

THE BUS COMPANY ‘First’ has been paid another £250,000 by the City of York Council and bus ticket prices are to be raised again.

The unpopular Ftr bus project was originally billed at £450,000 but has already cost the city more than 1.5 million pounds

Heslington East: The enquiry in context

Following the results of the public inquiry, the final verdict on the future of the Heslington East project will be received from Communities and Local Government Secretary Ruth Kelly in January 2007

£55k spent on kitchen crisis compensation

The kitchens crisis that has affected several colleges has finally been resolved after the Deputy Vice Chancellor Felicity Riddy announced a decision to pay out a total of £55,000 in compensation to affected students

University kitchens crisis escalates

The University Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Professor Felicity Riddy, has apologised to students for inadequate kitchen facilities after a campaign by York University Students’ Union (YUSU) to improve facilities