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SU President Micky Armstrong

The end of another academic year; a year that has seen trials, tribulations, ups and downs. I hope for all of you that you have enjoyed the highs more than you have endured the lows.

It has been a mixed bag within the YUSU as well, we have faced bar closures, the death of one of our first Presidents, Tony Banks, and assessment boycotts, but managed to implement the most vital changes that the Union has seen in its forty year history. Many of you may remember the late night executive meetings over the ‘do they or don’t they’ abstention debate and if some of you thought that officers of the Union were the protagonists, you would be wrong

SU President Micky Armstrong

It heads towards the end of term and finalists look towards the future, for those of you that have been effected by the AUT’s action, the future may seem to be in jeopardy. Let me take this opportunity to reassure you that the University has taken vital steps to ensure that you face as little disruption as possible. Although not orange the future is bright

SU President Micky Armstrong

SU President Micky Armstrong, offers his congratulations to the election victors and looks forward to a year of stability.

The elections are over, the year of reform is coming to an end; with one term remaining and a president-elect in the wings we all look to the future. Now is the time for stability and some honest thinking, it is a time for action and a time for solidarity. Many officers have received abuse lately for the decision taken by our executive committee. This is wrong

SU President Micky Armstrong

SU President Micky Armstrong asks you to get actively involved in the running of your Students’ Union

Well it is that time of year again; the YUSU elections are closing on the horizon. Who wins YOU decide. Whether or not you think what we do concerns you or not, the power of the vote is the strongest power you have in a democratic body such as our Union

SU President Micky Armstrong

SU President Micky Armstrong appeals to students to get involved in restructuring the SU constitution.

The times they are a-changing. Hopefully. As you may well know by now there is a proposed constitution being taken to Tuesday’s UGM. and it has been seen by some as controversial

SU President Micky Armstrong

SU President Micky Armstrong, has some Christmas reflections, thoughts for the future and wishes happy holidays for all

“So here it is: Merry Christmas. Everybody’s having fun. Look to the future now it’s only just begun”. You know the song; annoyingly festive and merrily catchy. But it does have a point

SU President Micky Armstrong

Sitting at the YUSU comedy night last night I finally got rid of any last semblance of a Ziggy’s head that I had. For those of you who know me well you will know that I am a great fan of my Wednesday nights in Ziggy’s; the warmth, the cheese, the warmth (again)

President Elect, Micky Armstrong

President Elect, Micky Armstrong, tells us his plans for the year ahead and asks what we want from the SU

If you can’t be bothered to read this don’t bother to condemn it! My first column for a student newspaper; I do not want to seem patronising, dictatorial, bombastic or idiotic… so bear with me.

I start my term in office having been elected in the most poorly attended elections of my university career. This does not shock me. Throughout campaigning I was amazed that many people didn’t know what the SU was, never mind what it was meant to be doing. Therefore perhaps it wasn’t student apathy that led to only about ten per cent of people voting. Then again, perhaps it was