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Ryan Gosling gives a stand-out performance in Danish director Nicolas Winding Refn’s latest offering

Crazy, Stupid, Love

Even if it’s occasionally formulaic, with a couple of genuinely good twists and turns, and the ambition of its multi-generational story Crazy, Stupid, Love , is thoroughly entertaining

Taxi Driver: 35 Years of Travis Bickle

It’s 35 Years since Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver first hit the big screens and, to celebrate its re-release, Michael Middleton looks at its disturbing protagonist Travis Bickle: one of Robert De Niro’s finest creations and possibly Cinema’s greatest anti-hero


Almost inevitably, more than one ditsy teenager answers the door seconds after having hung up on an evil-sounding caller who’s just told them “my face will be the last sight you see”

Gnomeo and Juliet (3D)

If you like bastardised re-tellings of classic Shakespeare stories which use the under-rated medium of garden ornaments to deliver kitschy, watered-down rom-com stuff, then this is clearly the film for you

BAFTA’s Rising Stars

It’s the only award at this weekend’s BAFTAs whose recipient gets to be chosen by the public – so is this popularity contest worthwhile?

A Little Bit of Heaven

In Nicole Kassell’s film A Little Bit of Heaven, Kate Hudson plays Marley, a boho-chic ad-exec who is respectable yet free, a beloved friend with a bit of a foul mouth

The Dilemma

Ron Howard’s latest film is premised on what is essentially schoolboy banter: whether or not a guy (Vince Vaughn) ought to tell another guy (Kevin James) that his wife is cheating on him

The Tourist

The basic premise of The Tourist sees Johnny Depp’s titular holiday-maker lured into a trap of mistaken identity by Angelina Jolie’s siren temptress

The Kids Are All Right

I’m not surprised that there’s already Oscar buzz surrounding this film. Annette Bening and Julianne Moore create some stunning moments, and both of them might easily be in the running for a couple of gongs come awards season

Eat Pray Love

As a reviewer, I feel obliged to point out that this film is… only alright. So-so. Watchable


The Duplass Brothers offer up a charming film that might easily have turned out a full-on gag-fest. Whilst it will consistently tickle you, the humour isn’t belly-ache funny… but this is a good thing