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Being producer and director Ridley Scott’s return to the Alien franchise, this mission is doomed to fail thanks to scary monsters and the vague, insidious corporate interests funding it

Moonrise Kingdom

The world Moonrise Kingdom creates is one where childhood experiences are refreshingly resistant to being presented as simply happy or sad


There are an endless number of characters in film, theatre and literature who are variations of Faust, the virtuous man who sold his soul to the devil

BFI London Film festival

Nouse’s picks and a round up of the big news from the increasingly successful London Film Festival

Blockbuster Season

From the final Harry Potter to a new Planet of the Apes movie, Michael Allard previews the big films of the summer

Top 5 Little Red Riding Hoods

To celebrate the release of a new version of the classic tale, we take a look at our 5 favourite screen Red Riding Hoods

Source Code

t’s been 10 years since Donnie Darko made a star out of Jake Gyllenhaal, so it seems quite appropriate that his new film is also one where a realistic character type is put into a scenario that’s straight from the world of science fiction


Hogg’s writing and the excellent performances maintain the feeling of control, and yet the result is what you might call one of the most realistic British films in recent years. It shows a world that feels undocumented: that is, both the beautiful surroundings of the archipelago and the discord that comes between the siblings vacationing there

The Tempest

Part of Geoffrey Rush’s character in The King’s Speech involves him having once been a Shakespearean actor, who plays with his sons by pretending to be Caliban, a character from The Tempest, by stuffing a pillow in his jacket


Looking at its poster, you’d be forgiven for thinking that Unknown was a sequel to Taken, the absurd 2008 action-thriller produced by Luc Besson that saw Liam Neeson running around Paris trying to find the man responsible for kidnapping his daughter

The British are coming

UK actors are saving the world in a number of forthcoming comic book movies. Michael Allard looks at the names who will be flying the flag for Great Britain

The Rite

Anthony Hopkins gets some exorcise in this new horror movie from Mikael Håfström