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Muse Editor (2010/11)

Mia has written 52 articles for Nouse

Will Self

Novelist, hack and a national favorite for political comedy, yet Will Self remains entirely independent. He talks to Mia de Graaf about life out side the bubble

Arts at York

Nouse has compiled a taster of some societies to watch out for – find them and many more at Freshers’ Fair and sign up for your year-long Arts fix

Edinburgh Fringe ’11: Where to eat

Whether you’re performing or watching, the Fringe is a big one, and cafes will feel like a godsend in between shows. Mia de Graaf gives you her pick of pizza places, chocolate soup cafes, and hog roast rolls in Edinburgh this year

Lucian Freud dies aged 88

Celebrated German-British artist Lucian Freud has died aged 88 in his London home

Not seen. Not heard.

With the the first UN-recognised International Widows Day on Thursday 23rd June, Mia de Graaf investigates the invisible existence of the world’s women in mourning

Highlights of Hay Literary Festival

Gilbert & George, Taryn Simon & Simon Baker, and Rob Lowe

Spanish Left reels following defeat

With the results of Spain’s regional elections last month showing the Spanish Socialist Worker’s Party (PSOE) endure its most dramatic defeat since the 1970s, it is now taken for granted that they will suffer an equal fate in next year’s general election, scheduled for March

Capital Cities

Berlin, Belfast, Amsterdam, Prague, Budapest, London

Suspicious minds

Osama bin Laden’s death was pounced on by conspiracy theorists within minutes. Mia de Graaf follows the reactions

Departments should not be tempted by unethical funding

The University should support forward-thinking research rather than depending on corrupt funding

Joan Miro: The Ladder of Escape

The curators are eager to highlight their move away from ‘Miro the surrealist’ – a tag that underlines some of his work, but without which frees the rest to take on a variety of connotations

London Fashion Week

“In difficult times fashion is always outrageous.” Elsa Schiaparelli could very well have been talking last week, or at least far more recently than her long gone iconic era of the 1920’s, as this certainly chimed in with this season’s London Fashion Week