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Muse Editor (2010/11)

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In the dark cloud of graduation, at least we have an Olympic UK to bemusedly celebrate

Unlike last year’s graduates, and next year’s graduates, our year seem set for a somewhat different experience. While it’s all…

Jump on the boat of our monarchy’s latest PR spin: turning them into b-list celebrities

Trundling slowly but surely to a spot on the Thames near you, the Queen will this week be making her…

Mario Balotelli likes wearing make up and my dad likes eating penis pasta. And what?

This year, the year of the ‘Jubilympics’, to quote Twenty Twelve, is branded as the year of making the old,…

Is the grass really always greener?

What if Cilla Black rapped, Rush Limbaugh was the face of the Democratic election campaign, and Amy Childs won a Turner prize? It’s not out of this world

Temptation: it’s not right, but it’s ok

Since the Starbucks I spent last Thursday afternoon in was held up by a drunk man with blind conviction and…

Sex, food and rock ‘n’ roll

The definition of ‘sexy’ is “an impact one has on the senses – visually, audibly and tactically.” The ‘sexy man’ is “physically able”, “confident” and “sultry,” with the apparent ability to impregnate any woman of his choice

Never say Never

Perhaps B-Rack was just too unambitious with ‘Yes, We Can’. Truth be told, ‘yes we can’ is a motivational message, but unfortunately it hasn’t come to fruit in every way he said it would

Dignified Dysmorphia

Polly Borland photographs adults as transvestite babies, and Berlusconi. But what is it all about?

Gaffa tape, mini bottles and jorts…it’s Halloween

“I think gaffa tape and cut up tights…I could buy mini bottles and hang them—no, gaffa tape…”

Emmy the Great

Emma-Lee Moss is notoriously penickety. Interviews often betray a persistent character, contesting definitions, questioning questions, and assuring you’ve got every last bit of info she has to give. This interview wasn’t a whole lot different

Interview: Sam Bain on Fresh Meat

Award winning screenwriter Sam Bain talks to Mia de Graaf about the comedy of Freshers in new Channel 4 show Fresh Meat

Confessions of a Glory Hunter

In Argentina during the summer I got some interesting reactions to my being English: in one memorable episode a heavily-accented taxi driver launched into what he seemed to feel was a customary recital of a seven-minute Hamlet speech