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The Premier League – No longer the best in the world?

As English clubs continue to struggle in the Champions League, Max Kassam asks if the Premier League is still the world’s best domestic league

Micro-breweries buck the trend

Micro-Breweries and Ales are on the way up, Max Kassam discusses the potential reasons behind this

A recipe for success

Max Kassam presents an insight into how a British kitchenware company is taking the world by storm

Are Germany the new Spain?

After an intense period of Spanish domination in European and international football, are the global giants finally losing their crown to Germany? Max Kassam analyses whether the first legs of the Champions League semi finals demonstrates that Spain are no longer a force to be reckoned with

Football Losing Its Identity

With Beckham’s best days behind him, do Paris Saint Germain see the 37-year-old as nothing more than a financial investment?

A tax on happiness?

Max Kassam asks if the UK’s high tax on beer does more harm than good