Matthew Wells

Deputy Science Editor (2014/15)

Matthew has written 8 articles for Nouse

Half a Pint of Science

Matthew Wells reviews last night’s event ‘Half a Pint of Science’, part of Science Week at the University

Come Fly (Guilt Free) with Me

With increasing pressure on airline companies to cut carbon emissions, Matthew Wells gives us an exciting insight into the developments in aviation which could lead to greener travel

Taking Printing to the Next Dimension

From blood vessels to rocketships; Matthew Wells discusses the exciting prospects of 3D printing

3D printing puts Terminator style prosthetics in reach

The future of prosthetics is an exciting one, now tantalisingly close; you could almost touch it!

Redefining time as we know it

A team of physicists in America have created the most precise atomic clock ever, with the ability to measure time in intervals lasting less than 500 trillionths of a second

It’s a trap’tor beam

They have forever been the stuff of science fiction; confined to the realms of Star Wars and Star Trek alike. Now though, tractor beams have made the leap into reality. Admittedly we are a long way from “beam me up Scotty”, but a recent discovery could have a profound effect on the medical industry and many others

Amateur inventor paves the way

As we are constantly being told, fossil fuels that we are heavily reliant on are running out. As a result,…

Drones: A controversial growth market

There is much controversy surrounding the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Their presence however is becoming increasingly eminent in…