Matt Ravenhall

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Students in global synthetic biology competition

The possibilities within the field of synthetic biology are endless. For the first time, students at the University of York have the opportunity to enter the arena

York finds genetic Parkinson’s link

Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative disease often associated with a slowness of movement and the appearance of involuntary tremors

Dr. Chong returns from Antarctica

Over 8,000 miles south, just off the coast of Antarctica lies Signy Island. Here we set the scene for our intrepid explorer Dr James Chong, who withstood freezing temperatures and dodged elephant seals all in the name of science

York research reveals centre of perception

A new technique pioneered by York and the University of Bradford provide exciting new insights into a key part of the human brain

York leads the way in modelling of insulin

Anybody who suffers from, or knows somebody who suffers from diabetes will know what a life-changing affliction it is

Iodine’s role in depletion of ozone revealed

Ozone is a curious molecule. Consisting entirely of three oxygen atoms, this infamous species is most well known for its ability to shield us from harmful UV rays

York CNAP in joint global DNA study

In an ever more unpredictable world, the need for a reliable source of food is a problem faced by millions

Life on a laptop

The first fully simulated organism is born, Matt Ravenhall investigates

York’s Grand Tour

Professor Anthony Robards OBE, the creator of an upcoming interactive open-air exhibition consisting of stunning images of science and the local area, speaks to Matt Ravenhall and James Cameron