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Taking a Diversion

As a second year economics student, heavy emphasis is placed on securing valuable work experience over the summer, with the aim being to gain those loveable ‘transferrable skills’ that will see us through life without any issues

The Guillemots – The Duchess

Far from being just another venture around the country, Guillemots’ current Fishbone for a Drink tour is refreshingly original with traditional support acts replaced by a half hour improvisation

On the Up

With a name like Holy Fuck, I wouldn’t begrudge you any criticism you may choose to throw in this band’s direction

Midsummer Music at JJ’s

JJ’s completed its transformation into something resembling a music venue as Porcelain Flamingo soared through their set in style, the front man’s charisma complimented by some fantastic musical ability

You can’t put a price on STDs

With YUSU now trying to upgrade to Durex, it begs the question why it’s taken them so long to notice such an important issue

David Ford: There Is A Light

Rating: * * * *
There’s nothing quite like a cover version of a much loved song to cause a little debate, especially when its creators were The Smiths

Kate Nash: Pumpkin Soup

Rating: * * *
It will undoubtedly be played on Radio 1 and the Topshop stereo, then it’s a reasonably enjoyable, and enjoyably short, three minute pop song

Hot Chip, ‘Ready For The Floor’

Rating: * *
I never really got Hot Chip. Apart from their obvious indie-dance hybrid ‘Over and Over’, they seem to be a band suffering from genre identity issues

On The Up: Operator Please

“This young band’s rapid progress is highlighted by the calibre of the bands they have supported, with Arctic Monkeys and Kaiser Chiefs foremost on the list.”