Maria Munir

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Rape is nothing to do with the EU

The ever-contentious Nigel Farage has once again decided to twist reality simply to serve his own warped agenda. The UKIP…

Calais ‘Jungle’ Camp Burns as France Asserts Itself on the Refugee Crisis

Maria Munir reflects on France’s inhumane practices to Calais ‘jungle’ residents

Cartoon: See-through Elections

When your candidates are so transparent you can see right through them

Being labelled amber hasn’t spiked our speech freedoms

Why should we be downgraded for protecting students from harassment?

Clash of Comments: Are we becoming too sensitive about cultural appropriation?

Luke Rix-Standing and Maria Munir discuss whether the ‘cultural appropriation’ phenomenon has gone too far

The church must let itself expand

It’s bizarre to think that the Anglican Church saw fit to punish a liberal church in the US, which had…

Criminals are criminals. Leave refugees alone

Equality must trump xenophobia post-Cologne

Myanmar needs to go further

Democracy has come a long way in Myanmar in the last decade. In this general election, 80% of roughly 30 million eligible voters cast their vote – 90% of those votes went to Suu Kyi’s NLD. This overwhelming mandate has given hope to the electorate that their votes have mattered and will remain to do so

UKIP fury over cenotaph snub

Undoubtedly, Remembrance Sunday is significant for many reasons. Whitehall is being covered in red poppies to mark our respect for…

York is 12th most cost-effective city

The city of York announced as being in the top twenty most cost effective student cities in the country

Want Security? Tough.

  The Prime Minister’s Press Office is no stranger to a scandal. However, something which disturbingly went undetected was this…

How to Balls-up your Twitter!

April 28th marks a historic day for the Labour Party politician, Ed Balls. Today, it has been four years since…