Maria Kalinowska

Travel Editor (2016/17)
Photo Editor (2016/17)

Maria has written 5 articles for Nouse

Cost should be no barrier to British citizenship

The expensive application for British citizenship leaves immigrants who grew up in the UK unfairly disenfranchised

CLASH OF COMMENTS: Does social media dictate how and why people travel?

YES – Dan Hall ALL THE WORLD’S a news feed. At least, that’s how it seems to so many wide-eyed…

Roses’ fundraising failed to start a proper dialogue

While fundraising was impressive, the mental health focus was patronising

Consent runs deeper than its mainstream narratives

Maria Kalinowska argues that the popular tea video covers up the complexities of dealing with consent

Solo travel: a new form of female liberation

THE CONVERSATION about women travelling alone seems so worn out now. Yet, as a female solo traveller I still can’t…