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Which Love Token?

Normally Nouse abhors a cliché like the public abhors Heather Mills McCartney. However, even we must acknowledge that Valentine’s Day is approaching, and you had better buy your lover a present or there will be no sexytime for you.

We therefore trekked all the way to Costcutter in search of treats to tempt even the shyest of lovers out of their shell this Wednesday; here is what we found

Pretention, The Super-Posh bit of StoneGate


ave. food price: £7000
Ave. drink price: £5-10,000

As president of Rah Soc, I frequently bemoan the lack of pretentious dining establishments in York

KFC, 47 Blossom St.


ave. food price: £3-4
ave. drink price: £1.50

Vudu Lounge, 37-39 Swinegate


Gather round children, listen carefully and I shall tell you the story about the two blind restaurateurs. The blind restauranteurs travelled for miles to reach a small city east of the Humber, let’s call it York, because they had heard good things about its balmy climes, beautiful people and endless cultural diversity

Which Cake?

The Bar and Restaurant team like eating lots of food and never do any exercise. The section was on the verge of being shut down by the combined force of Jamie Oliver and Ian Wright, and so we launched a campaign against our collective inertia. The campus run was highly successful but we were sad to learn that it did not count as a healthy activity owing to the frequent cake stops. Here is what we found…

Cafe Rouge, 52 Low Petergate

Why, when York is filled with tiny independent restaurants that serve reasonably priced, delicious food, go to a chain restaurant for dinner? You may as well dine upon a small child drenched in unethically produced ketchup and use a brass buttoned blazer as a napkin. Well, having spent an hour in search of a tiny independent restaurant, when every suggestion is vetoed by a very fussy dining companion, there comes a point when you fall back on Café Rouge

Which Sweeties?

Gosh, isn’t it a long time since you skipped off to the sweetie shop in the first flush of youth, with a feverish glint in your eye! Some readers may have fond memories of a generic Woolworth’s pic ‘n’ mix counter feeding their childhood sugar-based fantasies, others may have had their confectionary dispensed by a kindly old tweed-clad gentleman who wore special gloves and had a slightly creepy smile…

Valley of the Dolls, Jacqueline Susann

If you need a sleazy beach read but think you’re too cool for Jackie Collins, you need to check out Jacqueline Susann’s trash masterpiece. The term ‘cult classic’ is horribly abused, but the novel is so deliciously sordid that it fully deserves being categorised in that way

Playing the fame game

A campus celebrity may seem like an oxymoron, but Lucy Peden discovers a fascinating subculture as she attempts to create her own legacy

Many aeons ago at the height of the Ancient Greek empire, the seeds for Big Brother, the latest instalment of which launched itself at us on Thursday last week, were sown. The immortal Pheme, daughter of Gaia, was the Goddess of fame and rumour and (according to the ever helpful Wikipedia) was usually depicted with wings – perhaps she was the inspiration behind that wonderful line: ‘Fame I want to live forever, I want to learn how to fly.’

Ask, Blake Street

Like Tiffany’s, nothing bad could ever happen to a girl at the York Assembly Rooms. The pillars of rose coloured marble are easy on the eye, erring on the side of kitsch elegance rather than imposing grandeur.

One can imagine Jane Austen types going to balls here, getting all flustered because they had just danced with Colonel Shennanagins and he dared to glance at their ankle. Going on this assumption, a prospective diner might expect teeny tiny parcels of smoked salmon surrounding an ernest guardsman of asparagus, Black Forest gateau for pudding – you get the idea

It’s not just workers who need a union

Not content with what either the University or the city of York has to offer, your dedicated Bar and Resturant editors Victoria Hallam and Lucy Peden have been scouring the country to find the finest student union nights on offer

Which Sandwich?

From May 5th to 12th, Great Britain celebrates its most significant contribution to culinary culture- the sandwich. The official National Sandwich Week is upon us! With exams almost over, and York’s eight month winter at an end, what better excuse for a picnic? We’ve been mainlining carbohydrates up and down the country in order to tell you which rolls to relish and which baguettes to banish to the ducks!