Lucie Parker

Deputy Food & Drink Editor (2012/13)

Lucie has written 18 articles for Nouse

Review: The Leader

Lucie Parker reckons The Leader will provide nutritious fodder for dinner party conversations

Review: Religion debate, York Union

Lucie Parker reviews the York Union’s spectacular first event

The Naked Baker: Macaroons

From Ladurée on Champs-Elysées, to Betty’s here in our very own York, these petites pâtisseries pop up everywhere. Lucie Parker explains the easy steps to Macaroon success

Review: Little Women, the Musical

A beautiful and uniquely memorable performance of this cracking classic graces York campus. Lucie Parker reviews

Review: The Mercy Seat

A cloying claustrophobia seeps through the Mercy Seat as a couple face a difficult decision in front of the backdrop of the great American disaster. Lucie Parker reviews

Review: Dog Days

A crime becomes news, becoming a film, becoming a play. James Soldan’s examination of media action transfixes the Drama Barn with twisted thrill. Lucie Parker reviews

The Last Supper

Julie Green talks to Lucie Parker about painting death row inmates’ dying wish

Review: GamePlan

GamePlan is entertaining, never ceasing to amuse, but the plot lacked complexity and intricacy. Lucie Parker reviews

Review: Cover Up

Student written play, Cover Up entertained through-out, bringing the Barn audience an unravelling tale of deception and disgrace. Lucie Parker reviews

Breakfast with Brian

Brian Turner talks to Lucie Parker about delicious breakfasts, student cooking and the joys of the Yorkshire pudding

The Recipe: Brian’s Eggs Benedict with Parsley Sauce

Delve into Brian’s canon of recipes and discover this delicious and healthy variation on a breakfast classic

Review: Birdsong

An outstanding piece of Drama Barn theatre that perfectly captures the tumultuous dynamics of World War One. Lucie Parker reviews