Lucy Furneaux

Muse Editor (2016/17)
Features Editor (2015/16)

Lucy has written 20 articles for Nouse

A note from the Muse Editor…

Muse Editor Lucy Furneaux wants you to find your voice…

A note from the Muse Editor…

New Muse Editor Lucy Furneaux is thinking about fear…

All hail Uber?

Lucy Furneaux joins the debate on the impact of Uber taxis following their launch in York

Body language

Lucy Furneaux explores our developing attitudes towards body image and identity at ‘Shaping the Body’, a new exhibition at the York Castle Museum

Q&A: Abigail Blake

Electro-harpist and twinklestep pioneer Abigail Blake talks self-producing, Radio 1 bus stops and playing it all by ear

Q&A: Femi Oyeniran

Actor, filmmaker and social activist Femi Oyeniran discusses his upcoming film and working with young offenders

Where there’s a will…

Ahead of Student Volunteering Week, Lucy Furneaux explores the double benefit of volunteering and social action

Dark Arts

Award-winning crime writer Marnie Riches reveals why youth is a virtue and how she sees her character as a ‘real woman’s heroine’