Lizzy Roberts

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Noteworthy of success

even if I did care about the face that’s on a banknote, I’d be absolutely fine with Elizabeth Fry stepping aside for Winston Churchill, of all people to step down from the banknote for

What are you waiting for?

We might find it harder to fill every day with amazing things because we don’t see how amazing they are until we realise we might never experience them again

Sexuality is a private affair

NBA star Jason Collins is gay. Surely that’s all any article, tweet or interview needed to state. Yet scrolling down…

Carbon reduction must be prioritised – Cartoon

LIPS: the society giving women a voice

LIPS got me thinking about how important it is to have a society that encourages self-identifying women to take more of a stand in student and national politics, and that it’s about time that confidence workshops were on a political agenda

Pushing the boundaries of presidential prerogative – Cartoon