Liv Evans Liv Evans

Features Editor (2009/10)

Liv has written 31 articles for Nouse

Improvement to the NSS is imperative for accurate results

Universities’ manipulation of the National Student Survey skews reality and therefore it needs to be updated if it is to be of any future use

Politician gone rogue?

Just when the media had him typecast as a political flipflopper, John Bercow gave up party affiliations. Camilla Jenkins and Liv Evans talk to the new Speaker of the House of Commons to find out whether he’s as unpredictable as they say

The Nouse Student Survey 2010

Liv Evans and Sam Lawson present the results of the Nouse Student Survey 2010, a comprehensive review of student opinion and experience at the University of York

Lectures? What lectures?

It turns out UCAS may not have been entirely truthful about the whole university experience. Liv Evans offers a survival guide for the bemused, confused and slightly misused

The gender gap paradox needs to be re-addressed

By a weird quirk of circumstances, on A-Level results day I found myself at a girls’ grammar school

Frank Gardner

As a BBC security correspondent, one is expected to put themselves in the firing line. Liv Evans and Mia de Graaf speak to someone willing to do anything for the story

Delusions of grandeur

What place do historic houses have in the modern world? Liv Evans finds that stately homes have an enduring appeal and are still relevant in today’s society

International students deserve far more attention from YUSU

Back in November, before this team’s first edition of Nouse, my able Deputy and I trekked down to Halifax in search of international students in the name of research

Dirty $exy Money

At the end of this term, a new bunch of York graduates will depart to take on the world. Liv Evans discovers how to get exactly what you want from life

Torture: the shady secrets of MI5

Liv Evans explores the recent court case of Binyam Mohamed and asks if the UK security services are knowingly endorsing torture abroad

Addiction to communication

Are Blackberries and Facebook causing us to lose grip on reality? Ben Gascoyne and Liv Evans look at our generation’s increasing reliance on virtual communication

The best three years of your life?

Student depression is a misunderstood condition, says Liv Evans