Lida Mirzaii

Web Editor (2008/09)

Lida has written 18 articles for Nouse

Burdening the middle-classes is not a way to fix the system

Let’s not delude ourselves: when we leave this northern, duck-infested idyll we’re going to be in debt

Art in its Place

In 2007 the National Gallery, along with Hewlett Packard, put reproductions of its paintings out onto the streets in London


Hunter, an open-air environmental sculpture constructed from various materials, does at first appear to be- as one observer put it- “a large ball on stilts.”

Gay Muslims face ‘two-pronged prejudice’

Pav Akhtar, the first non-white president of the Cambridge University Students Union, is challenging the conservative conceptions of what it means to be a Muslim

A generation of death fetishists

“I’ve lived in front of the cameras, and maybe I’ll die in front of them,” said Jade Goody bluntly to News of the World

Killology: warfare and torture

Lida Mirzaii examines the training methods used by the British armed forces

Cruel and Tender

Lida Mirzaii interviews playwright Martin Crimp

Stanley Spencer – 50 years on

Stanley Spencer was an artist committed to meaning. His paintings merge the religious with the sexual and the everyday with the divine in bold colours and simplified misshaped human forms

Political Edge

Unfortunately for Channel 4, Ahmadinejad’s speech wasn’t sensational. It was a waste of time

Che: Part One

It was only a matter of time until the ubiquitous bearded revolutionary ironically adorned on t-shirts, mugs and other pointless paraphernalia was afforded a major Hollywood biopic

A timely call for improved feedback

The Economics department’s policy regarding assessment feedback isn’t too lofty, in fact it should be perfectly attainable

La Boheme

La Boheme, Puccini’s poignant masterpiece, stands alone as a passionate tale of love and loss in poverty-stricken Paris. It is a challenging opera, demanding powerful voices and intense on-stage emotion, and provides a charming and enchanting spectacle