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Muse Editor (2008/09)

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Never mind romcoms, make your first date a trip to Martyrs or Antichrist

The date movie is perhaps the worst genre Hollywood has to offer. So vast is the gulf between Valentine’s Day, The Bounty Hunter and films someone in full possession of their mental faculties would actually want to see, that one must seek out other entertainment

So-called life: Liam O’Brien

While thinking (admittedly for about five minutes, with a Corona in hand) about my last column in Nouse, I have come to reflect upon just how big a part Pokémon played in my childhood

Getting the ‘Fred’ Finish

After designing Gaga’s infamous Telephone hat, Fred Butler’s star is on the rise. Liam O’Brien asks just how you turn paper and plastics into fashion

So-called Life: Liam O’Brien

The advent of Freeview has increasingly meant that my life away from home is dictated by the TV schedule

Johnny Blue Eyes

Liam O’Brien talks to Johnny Blue Eyes, creative director of the endearingly zany House of Blue Eyes

So-called life: Liam O’Brien

I, like many others, am in the last term of my degree at York, and like many others I have amassed a grotesquely large number of friends

Squalor and Struggle

York’s Gypsy and Traveller community has been exiled to the margins of the city. Liam O’Brien is shocked by their living conditions and police intrusion on their sites

So-called life: Liam O’Brien

I had been waiting in earnest for the ‘Telephone’ video for about two months

For once, York students can be glad to be Oxbridge rejects

For a great many students here, Oxbridge rejection is the first real disappointment in their lives, lighting the curmudgeonly way for the even greater woe of joblessness upon graduation

So-called life: Liam O’Brien

Everyone has their favourite words, and when you write reasonably often, as I do in this very paper, you tend to repeat them

That girl is a monster

Extreme Christians from the Westboro Baptist Church think Lady Gaga is about to get a ‘Smack from God’. Number 1 fan Liam O’Brien asks why?

The Sorrow and the Pity

Near the beginning of this documentary about the German occupation of France, a bourgeois pharmacist tells director Marcel Ophüls that rather than being moved to courage in the face of the German forces, elicited instead were the emotions of sorrow and pity