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Roses 2015 Preview: Cycling

York’s cycling club is gearing up for this year’s home Roses, with the aim of putting Lancaster in a spin

Roses 2015 Preview: Men’s Cricket

The men’s cricket is always one of the highlights of the Roses weekend, and this year will be no different as the White Rose look to take all seven points on offer

Roses 2015 Preview: Basketball

After the men’s glorious victory over the Red Rose at last year’s tournament, both the men’s and women’s basketball teams return to Roses rejuvenated, looking to win all eight points on offer

Roses 2015 Preview: Swimming and Water Polo

York are usually the dominant force in the pool at Roses, expect no less this year. The White Rose are tipped to take all 16 points on offer

Roses 2015 Preview: American Football

After a narrow loss to the Lancaster Bombers at last year’s Roses, the York Centurions will be looking to end a disappointing season on a high with a home victory at this year’s tournament

Aloe Blacc, Ballroom Dancing and Stinging Nettles: A look back at Roses 2014

Lewis Hill tells the hair-brained tale of last year’s Roses tournament, held in Lancaster

Horsing around

A University official warned students not to approach unfamiliar animals after two incidents involving horses resulted in students receiving minor injuries

Constantine coup d’état launched

The coup, which is being lead by the FCC, want to establish a shop on Heslington East

In defence of ODIs

As the ICC Cricket World Cup gets underway, Lewis Hill leaps to the defence of ODIs

Internal university review advises changes to the college porter system

Any changes the University decides to make would be implemented towards the start of 2016

Ben Leatham elected YUSU President 2015-2016

Ben Leatham was elected YUSU President for the next academic year in the Roger Kirk Centre on Friday night

YUSU Elections Results Night 2015: As it happened

Live coverage from this year’s YUSU Elections Results Night in the Roger Kirk Centre