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Response from Andrew Collingwood

In response to your story of 13 February, I would like to reiterate my regret that one of the 246 pictures of York Palestine Solidarity Campaign’s public activities posted to the Facebook group has caused offence

Toby’s Green credentials

Dear Nouse, As a long-standing member of University staff, I related to a lot of what Toby Green said and…

A little more rust in the ironwork

In response to Nouse editor Heidi Blake’s weblog, published at http://www.nouse.co.uk/?cat=65 “Crusading student journalists on a valiant expository mission”. I’ll…

Nicky Woolf Goes Way Back

The new campus is coming! New buildings! New facilities! New colleges! A massive increase in student body taking student numbers up to an eventual target of 3,000!

No, that was not a mistake. There was a time, back in the halcyon days of free love and flower power, when the campus we may soon be calling ‘old campus’ was brand-new and exciting

An unfounded ‘racist university’ crusade

Dear Nouse,

I used to have a lot of respect for your newspaper, but your last issue left me exasperated. Your editorial attacked the ‘sensationalism’ of a certain rival publication regarding their story about disappearing, potentially fraudulent international students who had used enrollment at the University as an excuse to be allowed into our country

Resolving cultural rifts

Dear Nouse,

I was saddened to hear that there are international students who have experienced uncomfortable and negative behaviour from York residents

Star Letter

Dear Nouse,

I was very interested in the article about single parents at the University of York. I am a third year mathematics and education student and I have a five year old son. I have been at the University for the last five years and although I have received a lot of support from my supervisor, it has not been the case from the University itself

Taking away the ‘tingle’

Dear Nouse,

Oh I’m an old (little bit older) resident of C Block too, and I’m devastated to read this and discover that my old home has bitten the dust!

Trouble in paradise

Dear Nouse,

I am sick to the back-teeth of my flatmates. They are inconsiderate and unhygienic with regards to washing pots, pans and themselves. I have a sneaking suspicion that one of them stole a cape from Medieval Re-enactment Society, and he currently wears it shamelessly round campus

More please…

Dear Nouse,

I would just like to say how much I enjoyed your last edition of Muse. Nicky Wooolf’s night behind the scenes in Ziggys was a great read and the photos were fantastic. Perhaps though he could return on a Saturday and offer us an extended tour

Star Letter

Dear Nouse, All the posters on campus definitely brighten the place up but how much notice is being paid to…

The real macaw

Dear Nouse, Re: Muse, p. 13, under ‘Meet the Bands’. You refer to Vudu Guru’s “manic jungle trumpeting… sounding like…