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Idlewild, ‘Warnings/Promises’

Warnings/Promises could so easily have been Idlewild’s difficult album. In the same way as Monster was for R.E.M. after Automatic for the People and Standing on the Shoulder of Giants was for Oasis after Be Here Now

Doves, ‘Some Cities’

Manchester indie trio The Doves (Jimi Goodwin, Jez and Andy Williams) release their new album Some Cities this week, but where Warnings/Promises was in a lot of ways as good a record as The Remote Part, I can’t help feeling that Some Cities will fall short of The Last Broadcast, at least in sales if not in song writing which is a bit unfortunate

Battle of the Bands: The Morning Thieves steal the show

Music journalism is a lot like the plot of a James Bond movie – it involves the arts of disguise and persuasion to get past DoorSafe and infiltrate Goodricke dining hall to get nouse exclusives from the Battle of the Bands finalists. We were greeted by an empty room where the air was heavy with dry ice and the master of ceremonies for the evening, Mr James Alexander, with his ubiquitous sidekick and compere Ozzy Atton, enjoyed a breather before the hulabuloo ensued

Rilo Kiley, ‘More Adventurous’

Rilo Kiely, a band formed in 1998 in Los Angeles, released their third album More Adventurous this year, a record with a distinctively Californian alt-pop style, following their first two releases Take-Offs and Landings and The Execution of all Things