Lauren McNeilage

Lauren has written 29 articles for Nouse

2016 in Film: Half-Way Point

Lauren McNeilage, Chloe Kent, Charlie Thacker, Mark Curran, Coco Clements, Angel Lloyd and Louis Chilton choose some of the finest aspects of 2016 film so far

Review: The Conjuring 2

Lauren McNeilage finds that The Conjuring 2 manages to be one of those rare sequels to improve on its predecessor

Review: The Witch

Lauren McNeilage is entranced by the tension and dread in The Witch

Review: The Forest

Lazy, poorly paced, and ultimately disrespectful, The Forest is nowhere near as clever as it thinks it is

Preview: The Great Yorkshire Bank Robbery

Lauren McNeilage takes a look at an upcoming short film, filmed and set in York

Nouse Devours the Oscars Finale: Picture

Our Oscar coverage closes making the argument for why The Big Short could emerge victorious, and our Oscar writers give us their personal Best Picture ballots

Review: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is a deliciously silly romp that’s basically everything you would expect from its title, says Lauren McNeilage

Nouse Devours the Oscars Day 1: Best Actress

Lauren McNeilage begins our 20 day foray into the 2016 Oscar race with Best Actress. She suspects that one of the three twenty-something Actresses is headed to a win. Do you agree?

The Best of 2015 in Television

Liam Dooley, Lauren McNeilage, Fraser McHale, Simran Virdee and Sophie Worning choose their favourite 2015 TV shows

TV Review: American Horror Story: Hotel – Episode 12: ‘‘Be Our Guest

Lauren McNeilage completes her season long look at Hotel and in 12 episodes of shocked is particularly surprised that it ends on a happy note

TV Review: American Horror Story: Hotel – Episode 11: ‘Battle Royale’

As the season approaches its end, Hotel shows no signs of holding back, as evidenced by this gruesome and dramatic episode, says Lauren McNeilage

TV Review: American Horror Story: Hotel – Episode 10: ‘She Gets Revenge’

Despite lasting all of 25 seconds, this recent episode of American Horror Story’s ending has to be the best scene of the entire season says Lauren McNeilage