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A guide to the ‘Year of Reform’

THE STUDENTS’ UNION have claimed success in their ‘Year of Reform’, despite the criticisms it has received from students. The…

Bar closures look set to continue

The university still look set to close campus bars next term, despite one of the biggest campaigns in the Students’ Union’s history.

During the past week, students have been urged to “use it, or lose it” and flood campus bars in reaction to the university’s plans to drastically reduce opening hours

‘Save the Bars’ campaign tainted by growing disunity

A united front on campus for the ‘Save the Bars’ campaign has been compromised by SU plans to take control of events away from colleges.

The SU announced in last week’s Executive Committee meeting that they would assume control of when and where events would take place, a decision which is usually made by college committees

Constitution passed on false pretences

The Students’ Union have admitted that they misrepresented advice from experts when passing the new constitution in an Executive Committee meeting last week.

The Committee had to decide whether abstentions from a UGM held in the previous week should be counted towards the vote, which would determine if the proposed constitution had passed

A change of scene on campus

Founding father of the University, Sir Andrew Derbyshire, talks to Lauren Carter and Simon Davis about forty years of change and the ideals York has since forgotten

When Sir Andrew Derbyshire’s forty-year relationship with the University came to an end five years ago, he vowed he would never come back. He had been one of the leading architects for the University since it was first established, and had continued to work on the development of campus throughout his career

The horrible side to York

Lauren Carter speaks to children’s author Terry Deary about his new book and finds out all the details about his run-ins with the History department

The Horrible Histories series is unlikely to be found in the JB Morrell. Terry Deary’s work is more of an acquired taste and he readily admits: “‘proper’ historians in universities despise my sort of popular approach.” Nonetheless, outside of the academic environment and away from the watchful eyes of tutors, History students share a secret passion for these children’s books

Is this the university you applied for?

Having read the prospectus, chosen York and got the grades, the next generation of students have finally made it onto campus. But will the University live up to all their expectations? Lauren Carter reveals the truth behind the prospectus’ glossy pages, where descriptions don’t quite match the reality

Late licence success saves campus bars from closure

FEARS FOR THE future of campus bars have been put to rest this week after the University was granted extended licenses for all its venues at a council hearing on Friday.

More than 70 complaints from local residents had threatened the University’s chance of gaining extend bar licenses, which would have meant a severe reduction in the number of late license events that could be held on campus each year

‘SU President is just a puppet of the University’

YORK STUDENTS feel they are not being represented by their SU President who has swallowed wholesale admin’s ideas about Campus Three. Alexander has belittled student campaigns against the campus development and has explicitly stated that he does not support them

Halifax students cautioned after killing protected campus wildlife

A GROUP of Halifax students have been cautioned by the ir College Dean after it emerged that they had been killing protected wildlife for elaborate feasts in their campus accommodation

York graduate steals £30,000 from professor in identity fraud

YORK PROFESSOR Sultan Barakat unknowingly funded the extravagant lifestyle of a former student who stole his financial details and defrauded him of £29,000 to spend on drinking and gambling

York celebrities join the campaign

Wristbands are currently in the height of fashion on campus and, whether they’re a statement about a cancer charity or a bullying campaign, most students seem to be wearing them. The student protest group People and Planet therefore had to enlist the help of a few well-known faces to make their latest campaign, Make Poverty History, as striking as possible