Laura Street

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Which Tapas?

Are you the sort of person that avoids restaurants to prevent an outbreak of dreaded “meal envy”, when you decide that the food you have chosen simply isn’t as good as that of your dining companion? Do you feel frustrated living in a society that declares that it is simply not good manners to reach over and help yourself to someone’s food as they are eating it?

Big Bite Sandwich Bar, 71 Main Street


After another challenging night at Toffs, there is nothing better to cure a hangover than a takeaway sandwich from Big Bite Sandwich Bar, located on 71 Main Street Fulford – open from 8 am til 3 pm

Which Cake?

The Bar and Restaurant team like eating lots of food and never do any exercise. The section was on the verge of being shut down by the combined force of Jamie Oliver and Ian Wright, and so we launched a campaign against our collective inertia. The campus run was highly successful but we were sad to learn that it did not count as a healthy activity owing to the frequent cake stops. Here is what we found…

The Biltmore Bar and Grill,29 Swinegate

The newly opened Biltmore restaurant is situated on fashionable Swinegate. Arriving through heavily glassed doors, the slick modern architecture gives an exceptional first impression. The former Elim Pentecostal church has been transformed into York’s most stylish bar and grill restaurant