Laura Nunez

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In America

‘In America’ tells the story of an Irish family who move to early 80’s New York to look for a…

Actually Not Bad

Director: Richard Curtis,
Starring: Hugh Grant, Martine McCutcheon
Cert: 15
Runtime: 134mins

A League of Ordinary Franchises

I’ll be honest: I went to watch this film not expecting to like it. I thought the premise was an…

A Slight Chiller

In a word, Cabin Fever is weird. It’s not quite your usual teen horror – but then it’s not quite…

Travel on the Cheap

With a friend teaching in Abu Dhabi, Laura Nunez got a cheap excuse for a holiday

Finding Nemo

Cert. U Director: Andrew Stanton Starring: Ellen DeGeneres, Geoffrey Rush Runtime: 101 minutes Finding Nemo is the much-anticipated new film…