Laura Hulley

Music Editor (2008/09)

Laura has written 7 articles for Nouse

Laura Hulley

As we all climb out the gentle coma that the fuzzy summer months brought, the last memories of long, light nights and slow, grinding hangovers are still memorable – just

The MUSE festival guide

Whether you’re a festival virgin or hardened rave junkie, Estella Adeyeri, Isaac Hewlings and Laura Hulley help you find the right festival this summer

The Maccabees

The Maccabees found their name by flicking through the bible and picking out a random word

Comic Relief Queen

No one can be blamed for doing a double take when hearing (and seeing) The Saturdays for the first time

Emmy The Great

A girl, and a guitar. A ‘singer-songwriter’, dare I venture. Throw your preconceptions out the window, because the stereotypical labels that surround the ‘anti-folk’ Emmy the Great (real name Emma Lee Robson) fall away from her the minute she opens her mouth

The sound of things to come

Laura Hulley peers into 2009: will it be all girls, glitter and the end of indentikit indie?


Nouse visits York’s newest live music venue, The Duchess