Laura Hughes

Editor (2012/13)

Laura has written 132 articles for Nouse

Bisexual and Muslim?

As the first same-sex couples get married in the UK, Laura Hughes talks to a Saudi student on what it is like to be a bisexual Muslim

Former York human rights defender’s arrest is ‘absurd’

Human rights activist Ruki Fernando was arrested yesterday under Sri Lanka’s Prevention of Terrorism Act

Paradise Lost

Laura Hughes worked as a freelance journalist in Sri Lanka in August 2013. Here’s what she discovered

Make Love, Not Porn

Cindy Gallop, founder of MakeLoveNotPorn, believes there is an opportunity to reinvent the porn industry in Britain. She tells Laura Hughes how it can ultimately be turned into something “to be proud of”

Not quite paradise?

As David Cameron attends a controversial Commonwealth summit in Sri Lanka saying engagement is a more effective tool than a boycott, Laura Hughes talks to Dr Saravanamuttu, the Executive Director of Sri Lanka’s Centre for Policy Alternatives

Where is Prageeth?

Laura Hughes interviews the family of missing Sri Lankan journalist Prageeth Eknaligoda

Alcohol levy threatens campus bars

Campus bars will be forced to pay up to £550 per event under the City of York Council’s proposed late-night levy on serving alcohol after midnight

‘Bono and Geldof are C***s’

Jane Bussman slams the self-appointed saints of Live 8 and uses the “C” word 45 times in the first two minutes of her new show. She speaks to Laura Hughes

University red tape slammed by frustrated JCRCs

College Chairs have raised concerns that it will be harder to receive funding from the University for non-drinking events on campus this year

HIV testing on campus

Conor Roche and Madeline Boden, YUSU’s LGBTQ officers, have announced that Yorkshire MESMAC will be providing HIV testing on campus

Respects for former student who has died, aged just 28

“Jonathan was such a warm, funny, talented guy. He was a brilliant businessman and was always the life and soul of the party when we blew his hard-earned cash on kegs of beer.”

Students create York Union

A group of students have founded the York Union. The independent group will run an expanded debate and speaker programme building on this year’s Nouse Events series