Laura Horton

Laura has written 4 articles for Nouse

The Pillowman

With a title as deceptively soft as the fictitious character which it describes, the audience might have been forgiven for expecting a whimsical, cheerful sort of performance from the cast of ‘The Pillowman’. But as the posters plastered over the Barn doors pointed out, “there are no happy endings in real life”

I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change

Billed as the first musical to be performed in the Drama Barn in “a very long time”, hopes were high for this performance of the longest-running off-Broadway musical of all time

Looking for Claire

As the first wholly student-written play in the Barn this term, ‘Looking for Claire’ displayed some real moments of excellent scripting – but on the whole, was carried by an understated and sometimes lifeless cast

Secret Solstice

It was with apprehension that I followed a shadowy-eyed young girl into the lifts of the Piccadilly Car Park on Friday night, with only a torch to guide my way. As the doors opened onto the top storey, I saw why the torch was necessary: the car park was completely black