Laura Hancock

Laura has written 11 articles for Nouse

Game of Thrones Series 6: Overview

Mark Curran, Laura Hancock and Charlie Thacker pick some of their favourite bits of Game of Thrones Series 6

Nouse Devours the Oscars Finale: Picture

Our Oscar coverage closes making the argument for why The Big Short could emerge victorious, and our Oscar writers give us their personal Best Picture ballots

Nouse Devours the Oscars Day 16: Supporting Actress

Laura Hancock talks category confusion and frontruners while examining the strong supporting actress nominees

Nouse Devours the Oscars Day 11: Visual Effects

Laura Hancock praises the great visual spectacles provides by the nominees for Visual Effects

Review: Black Mass

Laura Hancock praises Black Mass which may lack complexity, but boasts a solid narrative structure and a host of great performances

Review: Carol

Carol is an intense, slow-burning romance that will linger on the tip of cinema’s tongue, says Laura Hancock

ASFF 2015 winners

Laura Hancock gives us a brief summary of the festival winners as we continue our ASFF reflections

Celebrating Bond’s secondary characters

Alfie Packham and Laura Hancock look back on a few great Bond performances

Review: 45 Years

Andrew Haigh’s film of an ordinary couple celebrating an anniversary is ‘pure poetry in the domestic space’, says Laura Hancock

Review: Man From U.N.C.L.E.

Despite a weak plot, Guy Ritchie’s cinematic reboot of the ’60s TV classic is an enjoyable espionage caper, says Laura Hancock

Review: Song of the Sea

Rooted in folklore, Song of the Sea provides a stunningly intimate magical drama, says Laura Hancock