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Deputy Editor (2009/10)

Laura has written 140 articles for Nouse

Blood Brothers

The storyline is an effortless mix of epic Shakespearian love triangles, estranged families and premature death, combined with Thatcherite class conflict and a big dollop of overly-dramatic musical flamboyance

NT Live: King Lear

How do you create a fresh King Lear? Not only is Shakespeare’s epic tragedy one of the most frequently staged of the bard’s plays; it is perhaps the most harrowing, the most searching, the most exhausting to watch

Supervisional support should be more than just symbolic

The University needs to invest more time in the assistance of third years’ future careers and the provision of transcripts

The Rise of the Rape Joke

A recent report made by the Equality and Human Rights Commission, ‘How Fair is Britain’, contained some positive statistics regarding the equality of homosexuals and ethnic minorities. But it also contained an extremely worrying feature for women

Council plans for limits on student housing

Laura Connor uncovers City of York Council plans to impose a greater restriction on student housing in York and how potential plans could effectively push students out of the University proximity

History of Art joins with V & A

London’s V & A museum has joined the University’s History of Art Department in a major new research partnership

University of York opens new £5m centre

The University of York has opened its new £5 million Centre for Immunology and Infection (CII), as part of its continuing Heslington East expansion

Fee hikes put students off university

A new National Union of Students (NUS)/ HSBC survey has found that out of 3,863 students in the UK, almost half would have been put off university if annual fees were to rise to £5,000

Map to be compiled identifying student houses in York

City of York Council is set to compile a citywide map of student houses in York next week

YUSU club loyalty should not dictate fresher nightlife

In one of his first steps as the newly elected Democracy and Services Officer, Dan Walker has stated that the club landscape here at York is to take a “pretty dramatic turn”

Universities fail to improve student satisfaction levels

A National Student Survey report has shown that universities have failed to improve student satisfaction levels since tuition fees almost trebled in 2006

Culture in the City of York

The Jorvick Centre Whilst our campus leaves a lot to be desired with the 1960s architectural disaster that is Central…