Laura Coleman

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Made in Dagenham

40 years on from the passing of the Equal Pay Act, a film has been made that continues the Act’s tradition not of feminism, but of egalitarianism


There are not many films that manage to comprehensively warp reality with a sophistication and subtlety to rival that of The Matrix, but Inception may just be one of them

The Killer Inside Me

The sudden reputation for provocative, misogynistic brutality earned by Michael Winterbottom’s latest release may have led to comparisons with Lars von Trier’s Antichrist, but The Killer Inside Me’s impact – such as it is – doesn’t compare

Cemetery Junction

It seems reasonable to assume that the vast majority of Cemetery Junction’s audience will choose to watch the film based solely on Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant’s sterling comic partnership, whose reputation was cemented by the stratospheric success of The Office and Extras

Shutter Island

It is not often that a film’s trailer underrepresents rather than overrepresents the dramatic force of the film itself


Ironically Neil Jordan’s Ondine aims to parody the fairytale genre, but proceeds to do just the opposite

Waiting for Ramallah

Politically charged and emotionally challenging, Welcome to Ramallah was a compelling and unflinching production. For the latter half, that is. The audience’s reaction (or lack thereof) in the initial scenes, reflected the slow and rambling start, which consisted of two sisters making unprogressive small talk