Lara Shannon

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Album Review: The Libertines – Anthems for Doomed Youth

With a repertoire defined by hedonism and heartache, what will the ageing Libs turn to for inspiration? Lara Shannon finds out

Don Broco: “We’re constantly trying to define what Don Broco is and it’s a tough thing to do”

Rob Damiani talks to Lara Shannon about sophomore identity crisis and blending Don Brewco tea between gigs

Denim: The High Street Edit

Spring into summer with these statement denim pieces

Slaves: New kids on the rock

Isaac Holman is one half of the latest British rock duo to take the UK’s venues by storm. Lara Shannon gets the insight from the enigmatic drummer on what it takes to make rock music fresh again

Warning: Contains Real Women

After the controversial removal of Rupi Kaur’s Instagram post, Lara Shannon asks why real women are so unacceptable within social media

Bipolar Sunshine: “I’d love to collaborate with Mike Skinner, Kanye, and Florence & the Machine.”

Bipolar Sunshine a.k.a. Adio Marchant explains to Lara Shannon the concept behind his moniker and why England creates the best music

Sugar, Spice and Not Everything’s Nice

19 year-old photography student, Hannah Altman, releases a photographic series criticising the unrealistic portrayals of women in the media. Lara Shannon considers the significance of Altman’s work and its instant popularity online

Album Review: Marilyn Manson – The Pale Emperor

Manson goes for evolution over revolution on his ninth studio effort and pulls it off with more than a little flair, says Lara Shannon

Album Review: The Decemberists – What a Terrible World, What a Beautiful World

Lara Shannon examines the evolving musical style of the American indie-rock five-piece and how it plays out on their latest offering