Lara Medlam

Arts Editor
Deputy Food & Drink Editor (2015/16)

Lara has written 20 articles for Nouse

Tradition Goes Pop

Lara Medlam revels in the electric style and vivid colours of Japanese psych-pop artist Tadanori Yokoo

Resolution of Sound

Lara Medlam speaks to Samra Mayana – one of the organisers behind an innovative evening that fuses music, poetry and art

Review: Lear

Lear: a vibrant reinvention or just another production of Shakespeare’s classic? Lara Medlam reviews

Review: Dinner

Drama’s Soc’s Dinner is more a snack than a full-on feast. Lara Medlam reviews

Cast a Spell on You

Podcasts may be out of sight but they’re not out of mind – Lara Medlam considers their inconspicuous rise

Review: The Homecoming

Lara Medlam is left a little flat after Drama Soc’s ambitious grapple with Pinter

Art Grows on You

Lara Medlam talks to artist Mellissa Fisher about her experimental choice of medium: ‘bacteria’

Affairs of the Heart

Lara Medlam examines the elusive origins of love’s greatest symbol

There’s More than Meets the Ear

Lara Medlam highlights the innovative but overlooked spirit of album cover design

Review: Two

Northern grit and avant-garde charm delivered by a cast of only two. Lara Medlam reviews DramaSoc’s first of the term

A Stitch in Time

Tessa Layzelle talks to Lara Medlam about her ‘modern quilts’: what they are, how she makes them, and why they matter

Kiosk: Project Space

Lara Medlam talks to Rebecca and Russel Carr, owners of York-based cafe-cum-gallery Kiosk