Kathryn Bromwich

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Alex Clegg – We Have Not Enjoyed Ourselves

After seeing his compelling show in York last year, the enthusiastic spectators would do well to ask themselves what has happened to the guitar-wielding and enigmatic Alex Clegg

All tomorrow’s Parties Festival


Venue:Butlin’s Holiday Camp, Minehead
Date: 27-29/04/07

Stepping into the spotlight: the cinema and the stars

Armed with paper and a pen, Kathryn Bromwich hits the red carpet at Cannes in style to give an exclusive account of the films, the celebrities and the old-time glamour

Singles Reviews

This edition we review singles by Six Nation State, Bondo Do Role, Gisli, Deftones and Archie Bronson Outfit

The Shins, Wincing the Night Away


An impossibly cute Natalie Portman saying, “You gotta hear this one song, it will change your life, I swear” is probably the way most of us were introduced to The Shins. Garden State is what The Shins would be if they were a movie: its contrast of light-heartedness and sadness is essential to their music, and once again the formula works

The Departed


Director: Martin Scorsese
Starring: Leonardo Di Caprio, Matt Damon, Jack Nicholson, Mark Wahlberg
Runtime: 151 min

One of 2006’s best-loved movies, Scorsese’s latest is one to bet money on for Oscar night

These Monsters, Alex Clegg and A Band, Yesterday


One year ago to the day, I saw Bob Dylan perform in Birmingham’s infamous NEC Arena. Impersonal and enormous, it’s the typical show after which old men brag about how much better it was when they saw the not-yet-famous band in a small, cosy café in the 60s. Lucky them

Singles Reviews

Tiny Dancers – Lions and Tigers and Lions

Despite being hampered with the name of an Elton John song, and putting the weakest song first, Tiny Dancers have produced a twee gem. Opener ‘20 to 9’ is indiepop by numbers, but by ‘Hemsworth Hallway’, they’ve evidently decided that jingle is the new jangle, and have upped the numbers of glockenspiels and bells accordingly

Joanna Newsom, Ys

Two years ago, Joanna Newsom’s debut The Milk-Eyed Mender, a collection of playful and quirky songs, exposed her as an intriguing new talent. Such an entrance, however, is no preparation for this majestic album. Allegorical and exotic, Ys (pronounced ‘ees’) retains the wry twists and rhymes of her debut, but it is a grander, more mature effort

Hot Chip – live at Newcastle, 20/10/2006

It’s one of those bands. You hear wonders about them, check out some songs, get very excited, and lose interest a week later. Hot Chip’s electronica-heavy indie (indietronica?) is original and hip enough to gain them a place in the standard MySpace music list, and perhaps even a few underlines here and there

Regina Spektor – Mary Ann Meets the Grave Diggers and Other Short Stories

The idea itself isn’t revolutionary. Admittedly, a folky female singer-songwriter isn’t an unheard-of thing. The catch is finding one who is neither overproduced, artificially morose, flowery-skirt-wearing nor, well, a bit bland. Regina Spektor – a Russian brought up in the US, a classically trained pianist with a love of jazz – is anything but bland. Her sound is a winning fusion of lively and captivating melodies, dreamlike, quizzical lyrics, spiralling vortexes of Dresden Dolls-esque pianos, and a voice as forceful and versatile as Joanna Newsom’s