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Politics Editor (2009/10)

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WikiLeaks leak 400,000 documents

Controversial website WikiLeaks has released 400,000 confidential US army documents on Friday. The documents’ reports, written by soldiers detail thousands of incidents, including torture of detainees and civilian deaths

Private Life Politics, Should it Matter?

Following Ed Miliband’s recent election as Labour leader, controversy has erupted surrounding his personal life

To the left, or to the right?

In recent weeks the Labour leadership race has slowly but surely began to gather some pace. Unsurprisingly, the Miliband brothers have begun to emerge as front runners

Beauty and the beast

The bikini round may no longer be an essential part of entering beauty pageants, but will they ever be about more than appearances? Kate Goligher investigates

More killed as Mexican drug violence escalates

The bodies of 12 people have been found in a cave near the popular tourist resort Cancun in Mexico

Special relationship not so special after all?

Barack Obama was the first Head of State to call David Cameron, suggesting that the relationship between the UK and the USA might be on the mend after Obama’s previous rebuffs towards Gordon Brown

University of York graduate Peter Hitchens wins Orwell prize for foreign correspondence

University of York graduate and national columnist, Peter Hitchens, has won the prestigious Orwell Prize. Hitchens won the prize for his foreign correspondence in the Mail on Sunday

Election results night – live

The Nouse Politics team blog the 2010 General Election results live

Political Edge

Since the days of Margret Thatcher, the Tory party have been known as the ‘nasty party’ in British politics, and the memory of three million unemployed is still fresh in the minds of many people

Students take part in election debate

The University Radio York (URY) debate with student members of the three political parties and a member of the debating society on Sunday night unfortunately, was not met with the same excitement as the recent prime ministerial debates

Tuition fee cap removal leaked

Tuition fees could rise from their the current level of £3,225 up to £14,000, depending on the outcome of this week’s parliamentary election

Volcanic ash: who cares, there is an election to be fought

It was only today that the government seemed to remember that despite the fact there was an election campaign to be fought, they were still supposed to be governing the country