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Josiah Mortimer has written 15 articles for Nouse

York students sign up residents to ‘Bite the Ballot’ and vote

Students took to the streets on Saturday to help register hundreds of people in York to vote. Dozens took part…

Saturday’s TUC march showed unions are needed more than ever

Nick Clegg received an unusual York welcome on Saturday. Over 3000 anti-austerity protesters marched for ‘A Better Way’ through York…

University moves towards a Living Wage

Management state that they are “concerned” to protect the worst off at the University

Taylor calls for ‘bolder’ NUS following President’s re-election this year

Kallum Taylor has called for the NUS to be ‘much bolder’, while giving a hesitant backing to incumbent NUS President…

Why fancy dress is ruining York’s reputation

In response to Gary Holland’s argument that these fancy dress events won’t cause real friction within our University, Josiah comments that it is in fact our lack of interest in their impact which is ruining York’s reputation

YUSU slams crackdown on student protests

YUSU has joined student unions across the country in condemning the recent crackdown on protest at UK campuses such as Sussex and the University of London

The Autumn Statement

Osborne’s Autumn Statement wasn’t just class war. It was age war, too

Lecturers and uni staff in first UK-wide strike over pay

Thousands of lecturers and non-academic staff will go on strike over pay on the 31st October, after members of the University and College Union, Unite and Unison each voted for joint action over the coming weeks

A different kind of party conference…

Josiah tells us why every party conference should be more like the Green’s

10 things they didn’t tell you about party funding

Josiah Mortimer assesses the truth about party finances, after figures for 2012 were released

Unions launch ‘name and shame’ Living Wage campaign

On Monday a group of York students launched a campaign for a ‘living wage’ to be paid to all university staff

Let’s not mix politics and policing

If we elect our police commissioners we risk politicising the force, Josiah Mortimer argues