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‘The Euro Area Adjustment’ – What it really means

The Tax Justice Network have been publicising a briefing document produced by JP Morgan Chase & Co, an American banking and allied services company, entitled The Euro Area Adjustment: About Halfway There

The Long Spanish Soap Opera

While Spain faces a turbulent economic crisis, it now becomes embroiled in a bitter power struggle-one which could shape its fate for the forseeable future

EDL: A party without purpose

They are a fight club, they exist to cause trouble and get in news

Why did Obama make that drone speech?

Last week Barack Obama publicly set a out a new, apparently more restrictive, policy for US drone use, seemingly suggesting that in response to the that drone strikes in their territory are ‘illegal’

YUSU to tackle rent issues for international students

YUSU have promised to tackle the issue of international students being forced to pay six months or more rent up front if they are unable to provide a UK guarantor

Men’s Rights Society was ‘a joke from the start’

“I would like it to be known that I have realised how much upset this has caused, and am truly sorry that the group I started got so out of control. I’ve woken up to the reaction this morning and am truly horrified”

EU wrong to ignore radical Hungary reforms

Across Europe parties of varying ideological backgrounds are calling into question the the unelected bodies of the European Court and Commission, Hungary is no exception

Barista battle is far from over

As a hardened, somewhat bitter and certainly cynical 3rd year, I’ve been pleased to see YUSU focusing on talking to…

Council to investigate Hull Road Off-licence

ELO Off-licence on Hull Road is being investigated by City of York Council’s Trading Standards Department for the second time in as many years

The importance of local elections

Ultimately they are vital in making decisions about how these areas function

Ding dong, you’ve made your point

Leaving aside the slight annoyance a true Thatcherite would feel that the lefts’ protest has been delivered via a legally constituted monopoly, bound to supply a state owned broadcaster, the right has a lot to cheer in ‘Ding-Dong’ reaching Number 1

The Strange Death of Tory England

Since 1992, the Conservative Party has failed to win an election outright. Josh Allen assesses the reasons for the decline of Tory England