Jordan Licht

Deputy Arts Editor (2012/13)

Jordan has written 24 articles for Nouse

Edinburgh Fringe: Condensed

Two months on from the Edinburgh Fringe festival, Jordan Licht and Thomas Cox ponder some of the shows they still can’t stop talking about, and pick out some acts to watch out for this winter

The Days of Rot

The film-maker Timothy Davey talks to Jordan Licht about scrapping the plot-line, the perks of graduating, and his upcoming show at the Norman Rea Gallery

When YouTube gets dark

It wass all fun and games… Until we got creative…

Video: Who says you have to study it to make it?

Student art group ‘In-between Collective’ talk to Jordan Licht about their upcoming exhibition and why for them, art is more than just a hobby

Think you know your Bond: The Answers

1. It was the name of the author of a book titled Birds of the West Indies (Fleming was an…

Think you know your Bond?

Jordan Licht has trawled the archives for these brain-busting Bond questions. How well do you know Bond?

Fringe Review: Beulah 

Alexander Wright’s new piece, inspired by William Blake, is an Edinburgh Fringe tour de force. Jordan Licht reviews

Fringe Review: The Life and Times of Victor Biktrakarawitz

A father-turned-gimp, a murdering wife, incestuous siblings and a dwarf drug-dealer dressed as a toddler. Jordan Licht reviews a new musical about the traditional family gone horribly wrong

Fringe Review – Scroobius Pip: Words 

The bearded boss of spoken word has a word or two for the Edinburgh Fringe

Fringe Review: The Seer

Hilarious, monstrous, and beautifully poignant. Jordan Licht reviews the play that has Edinburgh under its spell

Fringe Review: Jamie MacDowell and Tom Thum

Take one sexy singer-songwriter, and a top-notch beat-boxer and you get a musical duo that are redefining musical parameters

Fringe Review: Andrew Maxwell – Banana Kingdom

Ireland’s stand-up comedy king, Andrew Maxwell is back again for yet another gig at the Edinburgh fringe. But does the show live up to the hype, asks Jordan Licht