Jordan Allwood

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Review: Insidious: Chapter 2

James Wan follow-up to 2010’s Insidious isn’t life-changing, but if you’re up for an hour of mindless ‘cattle-prod cinema’ then this is the film for you

My Favourite Film Scores: Pop Songs

In this second instalment of a series to coincide with BBC4 series ‘The Sound of Cinema,’ Jordan Allwood counts down his favourite uses of pop songs in cinema

My Favourite Film Scores: Orchestral

To coincide with Neil Brand’s new BBC4 series ‘The Sound of Cinema,’ Jordan Allwood counts down his five favourite film scores

Review: Man of Steel

Zak Snyder’s latest Superman reboot fails due to a lack of subtlety and a lumpen third act

Bin Laden Is Not Dead

Jordan Allwood recounts his experience of watching, arguably, the worst film of 2012

Oscars 2013: Sky’s the Limit – Why the Academy Awards refuse to go near 007

Despite Skyfall being the highest grossing and most critically lauded Bond film of all time, Mendes’s latest was a notable omission from this year’s Oscars nominations. Jordan Allwood explains why

The Trouble with Quentin

On the eve of the release of legendary director Quentin Tarantino’s latest opus Django Unchained, Jordan Allwood wonders whether, considering the bagginess of some of his recent output, his new film is deserving of the levels of excitement it is receiving

5 Films That Made My Christmas

Jordan Allwood explains why Die Hard is a Christmas film, and shares with us some special film scenes that have become part of his seasonal celebrations

The Cabin in the Woods

I can’t remember the last time I felt genuinely clueless as to where a story was going, and it’s a feeling I can’t recommend highly enough

The Woman in Black

The Woman In Black is anything but faded, injecting class and energy into a genre that has recently become a tad tacky


This will quite possibly go down as one of the most memorable Shakespearean adaptations, starring Michael Sheen

The Adventures of Tintin

Innovative action sequences more than justify the use of animation – if only it felt like more effort had gone into everything else