Jonny Moynihan

Jonny Moynihan has written 10 articles for Nouse

Love Island: the nation’s not-so-guilty pleasure

The ITV2 reality show has once again managed to steal the spotlight this summer, as its dedicated followers vary from pre-teens to MPs

Graduation: the scary first step toward adulthood

Reflections on university life; from Salvos’ tunes to JB Morrell blues, graduation at York

Being Scottish at an English University: An exercise in confusion

Being Scottish at an English University radically changes my experience of University

Third Year job hunting is a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be

“First year is beer year, second year is spear year, third year is fear year”, JP’s words of wisdom from Fresh Meat, ring true for some third years right now, argues Jonny Moynihan

Catalan Independence is one problem too many

With all the current issues that the EU has to deal with, a demand for Catalonian Independence is the last straw

Freshers are adults, so treat them that way

With the aftermath of Freshers’ Week, we must talk about drinking seriously, not pour the problem down the drain

Britain must invest more to modernise national defence

The caricature of rusty Russian warships is now more suited to Britain

Save Iraqi culture from ruin

The international community must act to save Iraq’s ancient cultural sites, argues Jonny Moynihan

Scotland: should they stay or should they go?

The nationalists have had their fun, they shouldn’t get another referendum

Emergency care for all, even the NY bomber

Civilised societies must define themselves by how they treat their enemies, particularly under the pressure that comes with ‘terrorism’