Jonathan Legrand

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Review: The Big Short

The Big Short could very well be heading for Oscar glory in a few weeks time, so we thought it fitting to feature a second perspective on this comedic look at history and the economy, this time from Jonathan Legrand

Review: The Hateful Eight

Jonathan Legrand offers our second take on Tarantino’s latest saying, only the likes of Hitchcock’s Psycho equals the suspense portrayed in Minnie’s Tavern

Putting a Cap on Oil

Nouse’s Jonathan Legrand takes a look at Labour’s proposed cap on oil prices

Big Apple

Jonathan Legrand takes a look Apple’s recent technology conference and examines some of their new additions

Kairos: the next big thing?

It seams like a genius designer who reveals his/her wildest dreams; but this time it’s for real, and you can…

Privatisation looms over Royal Mail this autumn

An Imperial Bus roamed the long streets of London early last week, working its way through the City in a…

Amazon shopping for Apps

With rumours circling around a possible Amazon smartphone, Jonathan Legrand analyses the possible effects on the industry

HERE Maps, a real contender to Google?

Will newly released HERE Maps be able to compete against the massively popular Google Maps?

New Direction for Microsoft

Microsoft has made a significant decision in building their own PC for the first time. Its ‘Surface Pro’ coming out…