Jonathan Fransman

Managing Director (2008/09)

Jonathan has written 22 articles for Nouse


Chekhov once said that “people don’t notice whether it’s winter or summer when they’re happy”


I stare blankly at the bottle on the table. I fight hard to control the nausea washing over me like a tsunami. This, however, is no natural disaster; someone made a choice to buy this product


As the summer term draws to its epic crescendo, another batch of unwashed and unshaven students are ripped from the comfortable womb of university life and spat out into the bleak winter of the job market clutching nothing other than their lacklustre degree script and a bank balance statement that resembles the balance of payments of a small Banana republic


Are you one of those insufferable bores that still insists on dwelling on the European elections even after the voting has taken place? We at Nouse can help you resist the temptation while still allowing you to make that ever so important political statement

Why we must hold our elected officials to account

From the village parish council to the House of Commons, a necessary condition of any democratic organisation is accountability


My school reunions always seem to commence with dinner at a spectacularly unremarkable establishment. The wine is the vinuous equivalent of indie music: characterless to the point of nauseating, and ultimately leading nowhere

Ascendance Rep: Standing Stones Tour

Despite a few high notes, however, the performance in its entirety was decidedly lacklustre. The production aimed to celebrate the “magnificence” and “timeless continuity” of the setting but fell disappointingly short of its target

A more considered approach to Heslington East

Subjects and departmental developments on the new campus

Satisfaction will follow from action

Since the National Student Survey it’s time to consider student happiness

York ‘not a target’ for graduate recruitment firms

The lack of graduate recruitment interest has raised concerns of falling standards at York

Library fines at York higher than average

Students at The University of York pay more in library fines than those at most of the top 20 universities in the country

York learns from defeat of NUS review

YUSU is planning a wide program of consultation in the run to the governance review in the hope of avoiding a membership defeat like that suffered at the recent NUS annual conference